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Premium Golf Simulators


Premium Simulator Specs

Courses Available: 86
Swing Analysis: Yes
Includes: 69/57 Courses

*Simulator dimension are subject to change.


Built for lasting performance in a residential or commercial environment and flexible in design to appeal to any aesthetic; our system is fully customizable, allowing you to create an environment the entire family can embrace.


Premium Commercial Simulator



Features E6Golf software complete with 69 of the world’s finest courses (Standard Pkg + 4 Pkgs of choice + Pebble Beach & St Andrews Pkgs) and Practice Arena.


Premium Residential Simulator



Features E6Golf software complete with 57 of the world’s finest courses (Standard Pkg + 3 Pkgs of choice + Pebble Beach & St Andrews Pkgs) and Practice Arena.


See our Course Library to view additional courses for purchase.


Simulator Features

Awning - (Premium Commercial ONLY) Attractive, durable awning with available logo customization

Audio System - Surround Sound Bar Audio System
Projector - High performance projector takes full advantage of our brilliant graphics in High Definition
Touch Screen - 21” Touch Screen
Computer - Custom built with wireless internet card, DVD burner, high-speed processor, powerful graphics card
Enclosure - Strong steel frame, carpeted solid wood panels and custom wood trim
TruTrac Tracking System - combines two very different tracking technologies into one powerful system. Ball flight characteristics are accurately triangulated utilizing sonic positioning technologies in conjunction with optical analysis of the club path and clubface angle.

Screen - Commercial grade high-impact, nylon mesh screen
Turf - Durable, lush green, premium nylon putting turf
Curved Floor with Custom Wood Trim - Comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing
1 Yr Limited Simulator Warranty - Contact Us for more information.

Customized Golf Simulator Solutions

We can build your system to suit. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, working with your contractor, designer, architect, or AV specialist, to achieve your vision.